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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. tense moments in livermore, just hours after today's amgen race, when a suspicious device is discovered near the course. . good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. a bomb scare forced the closure of part of downtown livermore this afternoon, just hours after thousands of people were on hand for the amgen tour of california bike race. ktvu's jade hernandez was first
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on the scene and has the latest. >> reporter: ken, the package was found just behind the blowout bar salon just across the street. this was just a few short hours ago, when police told businesses to get their customers inside, shut their doors or evacuate. livermore police were not taking any chances on any suspicious-looking items today. the alameda county sheriffs bomb squad had their robot take images of the package to determine what was inside, but that was only after livermore police made sure everyone in the area was safe. now, this package was found not very far from where the 2013 amgen tour of california began. that's one of the reasons why there were so many people downtown. officers quickly shut down downtown's first, second and  third street between j and k. the suspicious-looking box found behind the salon was first reported to have metal pieces sticking out of it. less than an hour and a half after it was discovered, the bomb squad determined the item was a box containing post cards a vendor threw out the box with
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an orange county mailing label on the outside, but the vendor did not put it in the dumpster, rather putting it near it, which raised suspicious s. >> when they told us to come in and lock the door, that's when i knew something's really wrong. finally, somebody asked, what's going on? they said it was an incident. >> we're on heightened alert because of what's happened in the past and we're trying to make precautionary measures. >> reporter: one of the restaurants affected after police shuts down the street was the riada diner. the manager told us she isn't sure how much they lost, but police told her to close her front door and keep customers inside. reporting live, jade hernandez, back to you in the studio. >> i understand there was some confusion because people didn't know what was going on, maybe a little frustration out there today? >> reporter: well, there were a lot of customers who didn't know what was going on and they were asking and police were telling them this was just an incident, but i think they realized how serious it was
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when they were told to lock the doors and stay put. they did what police told them to and then realized how dangerous the situation could have been and they were glad the police did what they did. back to you in the studio. >> jade hernandez, live in livermore. at 6:15, wally hear from san francisco's chief of police about security at tomorrow's bay to breakers race, the steps being taken there to keep the event safe. there was more trouble earlier at the race when a highway patrol officer was injured in contra costa county while escorting those participating in the amgen tour. the chp says the officer was riding on marsh creek road west of deer valley at about 12:25 when a car turned right in front of him and the two collided. the officer from oakland had to be air lifted to a hospital, in part because the heavy traffic in the area made it difficult to get an ambulance in. we're told the officer's injuries are serious, but not life-threatening. as for the race itself, 25
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leopold koenig from the czech republic won the 95-mile stage 7, including this grueling climb to the summit of mount diablo. the final race begins at marina green in san francisco tomorrow. the finish line is in santa rosa. we'll bring you live coverage of the start of the race, right here on mornings on 2. today we saw an america's cup catamaran on san francisco bay that killed a sailor more than a week ago. the team's owner said yesterday he wants to see changes in the cup's safety rules in the wake of andrew simpson's death. the italian proposals include lowering the wind speed limits and requiring more protective gear, including body armor. the cup races are set to begin on july 5th. occupy the farm activists are digging in on their fight over a plot of land in albany. today they returned and reoccupied the site and are getting ready to camp out once
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again. happening now,ktvu's debra malone has more. >> reporter: that's right. risking arrest for this community garden, still a few dozen people here, some planning to spend the night right next to their first vegetable garden, which was ruined. they planted that one last weekend. take a look. here's the new garden, planted today. >> this land is owned by the regents of the university of california. >> reporter: the beat goes on, warnings ignored. >> we think it's pretty clever to plant seeds this time and that way if they till the ground, they are just helping us out. >> reporter: seeds, because monday protesters' plants were plowed under and several people arrested after a weekend of squatting. >> right about here is good. >> reporter: now they are back, pitching camp, arguing for crops instead of the senior housing complex and grocery store slated for this site. >> to pave it over and build something that this community really doesn't have an immediate use for would be a waste. >> they have a lot of rhetoric.
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they spout off a bunch of lies. >> reporter: some albany residents are fed up with occupy. >> we've gone through the process to have the land developed and to have a market here, and i think that's what the majority would like. >> when they lose, they should go home and recognize the majority and the rights of the citizens of albany. >> i've been an urban organic gardner since before there was such a term. >> reporter: the mayor wonders where were the activists during years of project planning? she wishes they would cultivate elsewhere. >> i would say this is not the spot for them to do this. there are so many places. there are people in town who would love to have them help. >> reporter: but this is the spot. >> you are ordered to leave the property immediately. >> reporter: and the showdown protesters want. cal says it expected this resistance, but seems reluctant to rush in on a big commencement weekend. >> there's a lot more people in the community this weekend. we want to make sure that whatever we do is the safest,
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least disruptive option. >> reporter: ground breaking on this development is expected towards the end of the year, but at this rate, with these repeated planting attempts, the weeds will be cleared here well before then. reporting live in albany, ktvu channel 2news. . new developments tonight in the discovery of a man's body outside an antioch apartment complex. police say an alert neighbor helped them nab a suspect. a 22-year-old antioch man was found shot to death yesterday morning at the hudson manor apartments on hudson court. that afternoon, officers say a neighbor noticed a suspicious man in the area and called police. that man is now behind bars at the martinez jail. authorities have not released the names of the victim or the suspect. at this hour, operations are getting back under way at the port of oakland after that accident yesterday that killed a veteran long shoreman. 78-year-old manuel stemson died when a truck he was in was apparently knocked into the
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estuary near berth 30. his coworkers said stemson worked at the port almost 50 years and was like a father to many. union members will hold a memorial tomorrow morning to share their memories. a san jose man is under arrest in a road rage attack with a screwdriver. fremont police say 30-year-old bryant salazar apparently got angry at another driver and tailgated him along warm springs boulevard tuesday night. salazar then allegedly blocked the driver in at a gas station, then attacked him through an open window with that screwdriver. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. police tracked down salazar in san jose yesterday, using witness descriptions. a parade in a small virginia town turned chaotic today when a car plowed into a group of people. it happened this afternoon during an annual celebration of the appalachian trail near the tennessee state line. three of the victims were air lifted to regionalhospitals. another 12 to 15 were taken by ambulance. the rest were treated at the scene. in all, about 60 people were
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injured. authorities say they believe the driver may have suffered a medical emergency before the accident. in connecticut, an investigation is under way into that train crash that injured more than 70 people. the two trains were packed with rush hour commuters last evening when the crash happened. >> we are fortunate that even more injuries were not the result of this very tragic and unfortunate accident. >> crews are working to repair the damage caused by the collision and say train service could be restored as soon as monday. officials say foul play does not seem to be the cause of the accident. we have new details tonight about another planned bay area visit by president obama. the president will attend two events on the peninsula coming up on june 6th to raise money for democratic candidates for the u.s. senate. now, tickets for a reception at the palo alto home of mike mc. coo start at $2500. sitting down with the president at a dinner hosted by venture
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capital list in pore toll lavallee costs more than $32,000 a head. about 4000 graduates, one of the largest groups in years, celebrated the end of their studies at uc berkeley today. as christien kafton reports, the grads got words of wisdom from silicon valley icon and a former ktvu intern. >> reporter: with the thundering beat and the sun beating down, cal's graduating class of 2013 filled memorial stadium. today's commencement address was the last for outgoing chancellor robert bergineax. >> it feels bittersweet, but i'm happy to become a professor again, which is how i started out. >> reporter: steve wozniak
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spoke today. >> if somebody else thinks a different way, that's fine. >> reporter: and former ktvu intern and current white house correspondent brianna keeler told them to follow their hearts. >> there's a lot of uncertainty about finding a job, let acone one that really fulfills you, but fight to follow what inspires you. >> reporter: and finally, the moment the students had been working toward for years. >> allie jakes. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: while some of the new graduates are entering the job market, others say they are walking into an uncertain future and uncertain job market. >> i'm hoping to go into education. >> the job search is going on and it's difficult. i mean, still, the effects are still there from the economy. but, yeah, it's, it's going to happen. >> reporter: students we spoke with today say they graduate confident that their years at cal have prepared them for wherever their path leads. in berkeley, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2news.
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>> that's a happy guy! go to our website for our video of the full commencement. look for the hot topic section on the home page. so many tickets have been sold for tonight's $600 million powerball drawing that lottery officials say it's likely someone out there will have the winning combination. one lottery official said at least 80% of the possible number combinations have already been purchased. because of the surge in sales, they expect the jackpot will only go up before the drawing at 7:59 tonight. ticket sales actually end at 7:00 tonight. the odds of winning are one in 175 million. good luck, everybody! desperate for dental care. thousands of people turn out for a free clinic in san jose today. the life-changing procedures being performed here. >> i love it, man. this is awesome. this is the experience of a lifetime. >> only on 2, a first-of-its-
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kind baseball game at san quentin prison. the matchup that had both teams excited. >> and in the bay area weather, how much of a temperature jump you can expect for your sunday and a look at the bay to breakers forecast. >> and runners and police are getting ready for bay to breakers. the heightened security expected at tomorrow's race. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like
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. check out these pictures of a van fully engulfed in flames in east oakland. now, our photographer got to the scene on 79th avenue and arthur street just before firefighters arrived. the dodge caravan caught fire at about 11:30 last night. as you can see it, is completely gutted. no one was hurt. investigators are looking into whether that fire was deliberately set.
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hayward police say a missing 3-year-old boy was found and is safe at home tonight. officials say the child's grandfather woke up around 9:00 last night to discover his grandson was missing. the grandparents have court- ordered custody of the boy and told police the boy's father might have taken him. just after noon today, hayward police told us the father returned the boy to his grandparents. police say they are evaluating possible charges against the father. a vigil is set for tonight in clear lake to remember 9- year-old mckayla lynch of san francisco. she went missing last sunday from her family's vacation home in clear lake. there was an excessive search. on wednesday, divers recovered her body from a creek just steps from the home. investigators say there is no evidence of foul play. family and friends describe mckayla as an endearing child, whose autism did not affect her enthusiasm for life. tonight's vigil is set for 8:00 at the red bud park in clear lake. the annual madness of bay to breakers is set to hit the streets of san francisco tomorrow, starting at 7:00 a.m.
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registration for the event closed just a few minutes ago at 6:00. organizers say they expect as many as 50,000 people to run, jog, walk or stagger the 7.46- mile-course from the embarcadero to the great highway. the race got its start 101 years ago. one thing that has changed over the years is security. san francisco police chief greg suhr told us this morning about new measures in the wake of the boston marathon attack, including the use of undercover officers. >> i don't know if we're going to have anybody run start to finish, but we'll have officers in the crowd and on the race course that won't be in uniform. >> other security measures include see-through trash cans, forbidding large backpacks, and setting up surveillance cameras along the course. now to a story you'll see only on 2. a showdown today on the baseball diamond at san
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quentin. this is between inmates and a semi professional team from the north bay. the game offers prisoners more than just camaraderie. >> it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: the team names are familiar. the giants and the a's. >> play ball. >> reporter: the difference? this is the san quentin prison team. today for the first time they played a semi professional team, san rafael pacific. >> i was a little nervous at first, but these guys are humans, just like me. i feel like it's just, just another day playing baseball with other guys. >> reporter: the pacific's roster includes former college athletes and those working towards the minor and major leagues. >> we're going to face really good pitching. >> strike! >> i love it, man. this is awesome. this is an experience of a lifetime. never get to do this again. definitely something i'll remember for the rest of my life. >> reporter: men from the outside, playing those serving prison sentences. >> it's a real privilege to get this opportunity to play with some of the great guys out
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there that are in this area. >> i felt the same. it's baseball. it's a game. it's the same game we've all been playing all of our lives. so just go out there and compete. >> reporter: the san quentin teams practice twice a week and compete twice a week. >> he threw hard, man! we ain't used to seeing that fast pitching like that on a regular basis. >> reporter: but they would like to. >> great thing and i hope this is something i could be that could be continued on in the future. >> look at those blue skies there at san quentin today, lovely across much of the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo who says it will be even warmer tomorrow. >> warming things up sunday into monday. no rain clouds to worry about this weekend. not much in the way of fog as well. we do have mostly clear skies out there. temperatures on the warm side. you can see readings from today ranging from the lower 60s in pacifica, lots of 70s around the bay. warmest locations in the lower 80s, toward fairfield and antioch. quick look at the satellite and radar here, you can see some of
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the severe weather not here in the bay area, but we'll watch out for this area tonight and tomorrow for parts of western missouri, kansas and oklahoma, with some severe weather, possibly tornadoes developing. moderate risk as we head into tonight and sunday. closer look at our current situations, with the wind speed, notice the gusty winds developing throughout the day. these are sustained winds out toward sfo, out of the west at 26 miles an hour. so still gusty winds, a part of our forecast for this evening. as far as current temperatures, they are ranging from the upper 50s in half moon bay. lots of 60s in the warmest locations, inland right now in the 70s toward concord and antioch. forecast headlines tonight, mostly clear skies, breezy conditions. sunday and monday, lots of sunshine, temperatures warming back up. then we do really cool things off. you'll see that coming up on the extended forecast maps. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s to the 50s, maybe a patch or two of fog developing near parts of the shoreline, pushing south of the golden
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gate bridge. today this was the case. still an onshore breeze, lots of sunshine, temperatures on the mild side. high pressure developing offshore, strengthening, setting up the northerly winds. as a result, temperatures do go up. lots of 70s and 80s, a few spots approaching 90 degrees. that will also increase the fire danger. no red flag warnings posted, but still elevated fire danger for the north bay hills and east bay hills beginning tomorrow afternoon, right on through monday morning. we'll watch out for the northerly winds. first thing tomorrow morning, as mentioned, patchy fog out there to start out the day pretty early. you can see lots of clearing and that orange contour translates to 80s. warmest locations tomorrow afternoon, on track to reach the upper 80s, getting closer to 90 degrees. right around the bay, lots of upper 70s. warmest locations on track to reach the mid to upper 80s. santa cruz, 79. san jose at 82. san francisco, mid-70s, 75 degrees. of course bay to breakers, looking pretty good for tomorrow with patchy fog to start out the day, but kers, oc
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upper 60s, right about 67. here is a look ahead. temperatures approaching 90 degrees well inland. maybe a little too hot. then we cool things off, big time cooling by wednesday into thursday. very busy weekend in the bay area. looks great. >> good running weather. >> thanks, mark. also, the baseball game we talked about, san quentin giants versus the san rafael pacifics, lopsided, giants losing 3-17. >> ouch. thousands of people turned out in san jose today for a free clinic put on by local dentists. the line outside the san jose convention center wrapped around the block, as you can see. inside, hundreds of dentists and dental assistants donated their time, cleaning teeth, doing fillings and performing extractions, all to help patients living with severe pain. >> thank god there are people like everybody here volunteering their time and stuff. i can't tell you how grateful i
6:23 pm
am. i'm so happy. >> the clinic is put on by the california dental association. organizers say the huge turnout is due in large part to recent cuts to the state's denti-cal program. joe fonzi is next with sports. >> and an up-close look captured by a film crew. [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪ the fiat 500 abarth cabrio. ♪
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. well, here's something you don't see every day. pictures of an alaska grizzly bear trying to make a snack out of a video camera. the camera got a little closer than expected in a bbc documentary, "the great bear stakeout." the camera survived. i think i can see his tonsils! let's check in now with joe fonzi and you've got race information for us. >> affirmed, 1978, still the last one. becoming one of the most elusive accomplishments in all of sports. now been 35 years since a race horses that won the triple crown. orb drawing the post number 1 spot in today's preakness. and that was not a good sign. no horse has won the second leg
6:27 pm
of the triple crown from that position since 1950. that streak didn't change today. the 3-to-5 favorite ended up 4th. winning horse was a pretty good story in its. oxbow, ridden by jockey gary stevens took the lead down the stretch, wasn't really challenged on the way to the line. the 50-year-old stevens is already in the hall of fame. he came out of an eight-year retirement to run in the derby earlier this now, now won all three legs of the triple crown three times each. it's my lucky day was 2nd, my loot came in 3rd. san jose has taken a quick 1-0 lead early in the first period. sharks down 2-0 games and the team will be required to make a hefty contribution to the nhl's rainy day fund. sharks have been fined $100,000 because of comments made by general manager doug wilson. wilson was critical of the league decision to suspend torrez for the rest of the series against the kings after
6:28 pm
this hit to jared stole in game one. the league put a rule in place this year prohibiting formal team statements to the media during a 48-hour period after a disciplinary decision. sounds a little convoluted. blackhawks trying to take the lead in their series with detroit. red wings hadn't beaten detroit in five games this season. here's the fourth of four unanswered goals. 4-1, the final. game 3 in detroit on monday. that series, 1-1. a's against kansas city, all for you on sports wrap. >> sounds good. that's going to do it for us. see you tonight at 10:00. you hanging out?
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yeah, yeah. all right. captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television